The future of the rv industry

Future of the RV Industry

future of rv businessAlan Jackson said it best in his country song "Remember When". He talks of a time when things were simple, sometimes hard, sometimes special and how things change. It pretty much summarizes the RV industry to the letter.

I can remember back when our industry had only a few RV dealers or repair facilities and they were scattered.I remember when trailers had tip outs (not slide outs), when Dodge was the big name for providing a motorhome chassis and when Jabsco belt driven water pumps were the best. When Coleman was a furnace and Mobile Temp a water heater, the list goes on and on.

Remember when you had to match light the furnace and water heater? Remember when the knobs were on the bottom of the A/C units (no wall thermostats). Remember when Astro and Instamatics were refrigerators and had to be lit manually while manually changing the modes? My how our industry has changed!

The future of the RV industry in my opinion is one of the most exciting, fun and challenging business opportunities going. The baby boomers are tearing up the industry, demanding superior products and top quality RV parks with all the amenities.

This corrosion can be removed a couple different ways. The easiest to start with is spray on type cleaners. These will neutralize any surface acid and eat away a majority of the white fuzz. We have found that allowing the foam cleaner to stay on the battery for at least five minutes before washing will yield the best results.

I find park directories made especially for big rigs showing parks with instant online and wireless internet access. More and more clubhouses are being built for RV clubs to gather at. RV enthusiasts are making the diesel motorhome market one of the hottest going commodities. I see new diesel chassis being manufactured to meet the demand with rear engines, mid engines, independent front air bag suspension and tag axles being added. I also see the slide out craze continuing with 1, 2, 3 and 4 slides in motorized and up to 5 slide outs in fifth wheels. We also now have fifth wheels with toy boxes, motorhomes with sky decks and who knows where it will stop. I told you it was exciting!

You know the RV industry is leading the way when you see auto manufacturers building cars that are towable with all four wheels on the ground, as they are now. Pick up trucks capable of pulling very large trailers and fifth wheels filled with all the goodies RV enthusiasts desire. Towing specialists are doing quite well by supplying equipment to connect it all together.

Imagine dry camping in the boondocks, and yes, watching satellite tv in your rig, while using your laptop as you surf the internet. Or something just as simple as sitting outside under your awning enjoying all that is great and beautiful around you. No other life in my opinion can top it. Life is good and we all should enjoy it to the fullest.

The future is the brightest it has ever been for the RV enthusiast. We in the industry are listening to you and the technology is moving so fast that we will be in awe of what is coming. Campgrounds, subdivisions, dealers and repair facilities will become cities within themselves and the future will be for the taking!

Happy and Save Travels,

Daryl Waldrop